Misery Signals – Of Malice and the Magnum Heart (2004)


For the tenth anniversary of their Of Malice and the Magnum Heart release, here’s Misery Signals performing the album at Rain City Records in Vancouver:

Growing up in Fort Sask., I was more-or-less a jock; although I was a jock that played guitar! I moved to Edmonton around 2003, and soon started hearing people talk about something called the “local music scene”. Some of my first show experiences were at Seedy’s, Queen Alex Hall, The Econolodge, the basement of Megatunes and the old Stars (where the Pawnshop is now).

I remember Misery Signals. I remember not knowing what was happening. I remember the technicality, the brutal aggression and the throwdowns. Oh lord, the throwdowns. The “scene” was new to me, and it was cool.

When MS released Of Malice and the Magnum Heart, the local scene (the hardcore scene in particular) was reeling from the tragic death of two members from the band Compromise. What all this emotion manifest itself in was this album. I dunno, to me, an outsider, it seemed like it did.

Yes, Kinder Morgan truly is awful

Saw this on a recent trip to Burnaby. Water fountain at Simon Fraser University.

Saw this on a recent trip to Burnaby at Simon Fraser University.

On the heels of an oil spill right in goddamn Vancouver, after it took 12 hours to notify the city, and after two days of determining which oil tanker the leak actually came from, a lovely for-profit company is finally working to clean up this mess.

Thanks Steve Harper for shutting down the Kitsilano Coast Guard base — lord knows we can’t risk a federal agency doing their job instead of making sure the soulless oil-crats of Kinder Morgan continue to get richer. This is a company that touts economic benefits of oil spills.

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