A National Celebration

For those who didn’t take part in the celebration live, here’s the extremely chilling rendition of “Grace, Too”.

As noted by Vice columnist Drew Brown, there was a unique moment during the performance when Gord Downie basically called out Trudeau as the guy who can finally start to reconcile our terrible colonial past with a prosperous future for generations of Indigenous, Metis and Inuit Canadians. A third of the goddamn country saw this happen, so Mr. Trudeau, it’s on you now man.

Throwback candidate enters CPC leadership race


On legal weed: “I don’t smoke and I don’t think you should either…”

Playing the role of self-righteous religious crusader, throwback candidate Brad Trost of Saskatchewan is hoping to capture the hearts and minds of old people across the country.

Trost seems to think issues like telling women how to manage their health and how icky gay people seem are more important than, oh I don’t know, racism in his province. I mean, look at this guy – is this not the face of every mansplaining moniyaw you’ve ever seen?

Brad Trost also REALLY hates taxes. And you just know that he DEFINITELY has a plan to fund basic services for millions of people around the country.

God help us if this man gets the chance to be a leader of a federal party in Canada.

White people allow City to build LRT


With the City years behind building crucial infrastructure; a growing population of well over a million people, and; a dearth of accessible public transportation away from the downtown core, a judge has ruled against an injunction to stop construction of a new LRT line.

One question for the sanctimonious Save the Cloverdale Footbridge folks: do you honestly think the City will be able to build any infrastructure without ever disturbing any aspect of the river valley?

Edmonton is growing. Edmonton is sorely lacking in light rail transit. Thousands of people in Mill-fucking-Woods will have the option to take the train rather than drive to work. Do you think it’s more important for old white people to walk to the Folk Fest than it is for thousands of people to have access to a train line?

As someone who lives IN the river valley, who bikes across the High Level Bridge every day to get to work, who appreciates the beauty an uniqueness of our beloved urban green space, I for the life of me cannot understand why such a fight is being put up. If these folks got their way, nothing in this city will ever get done.

Via CBC Edmonton


Sesso Matto Soundtrack – Armando Trovaioli (1973)

Instead of talking about how unrealistically entitled all the white people who use the Cloverdale Footbridge to go to the Folk Fest are acting, here’s something much, much better. Italo-sex comedy music. Please enjoy and count down the months until thousands of people won’t have to commute from Millwoods to downtown anymore.

Via Dangerous Minds