Bill Hicks on Capsize (Austin Public Access)

If this took place when I think it did, around ’93, it woulda been a year before he passed away. Honest, scathing and tired of it all, Hicks is lucid, subtly angry in a long conversation with a demure long haired public TV host. There are many, many quotes and one liners from Hicks you could crochet and hang above your bed.

Printing with a steamroller? Printing with a steamroller.


SNAP is puttin’ on another art/print/music shindig, this one happening on June 20 at their printshop. BLOCK OUT will feature prints made with a steamroller, on-demand printing of various and sundry items, beer and as always, fine, fine music. BLOCK OUT is stoked to host Softess (Vancouver) along with the dark punk miscreants in Strangled.