Paris is Burning (1990)

Watched this fascinating doc at the behest of my roommate. 80s NYC ball culture, sexuality, gay/bi/lesbian/trans men and women who find solace and community through dance, vogue, shade and reading.

With all the terrible, needless shit being said about and done to trans folks in the United States these days, this film is a must-see if you want to try and understand what life is for people who are different than you.

Lowest Common Denominator, Part Infinity


Here is proud Albertan Andy Styles’ truck. Here is Styles offering solutions and trying to wrap his head around how and why Alberta is where it is today (hint, it’s Notley and Trudeau’s fault).

To anyone who may not be from around here, this is a very typical  reaction by mostly-male industry workers in Alberta. Too uneducated to enter another industry, too dumb to play anything other than the vulgar, sexist card. Bravo Andy Styles, bravo. You’ve proven once again just how infantile you and your blue-collar brethren are. As my next door neighbours’ truck decal proudly declares: PIPELINE TRA$H!

Two things worth mentioning: the man who had the “Fuck Harper” sign on his car got a $543 ticket. And also, this:

Alberta weekly earnings fell 3.4% in February but still lead the country (CBC)

I’m just going to quote verbatim from the original Facebook post alerting concerned Albertans about the plight of our fair province: “Photo is courteous of INLAND BIT & OILFIELD SERVICES. For Drill Bit & Hot Shot Services call Andy @ 780-806-3299.”

Via Global News

The Best of Ted Cruz

I’ve avoided saying much of anything about the perpetual presidential “election” down south. I mean, what’s the point? This entire process is beyond parody at this point. However, a ray of light in an otherwise dark(money) netherworld has been the work of Vic Berger over at Super Deluxe.

Without further adieu, may I present The Best of Ted Cruz, the most-hated politician in America.

Via Super Deluxe

Prince & The Revolution – First Avenue Benefit Concert (1983)

Since his tragically too-soon passing, Prince and his unfathomably deep catalog of unreleased audio and video are surfacing.

Here’s him in 1983 performing a benefit concert for the Minnesota Dance Theater. This is one of the first times he would play what would be his most enduring songs, mostly off Purple Rain which would be released several months later.

Via Exile on Moan Street