We’ve Seen This Before

This man is not a leader. He's a coward. Image courtesty of The Guardian.

This man is not a leader. He’s a coward. Image courtesty of The Guardian.

Ask yourself: do you think America is safer after the Patriot Act was made law? In times of strife and terror, the electorate is much more willing to accept legislation that seems to offer greater “protection”. But is our perceived safety worth it when we give a entity like CSIS the ability to basically operate in secret, without much (if any) oversight? Will people who care about the environment become ensnared in the extremely broad definitions in Bill C-51? The answer is that we don’t know; but that doesn’t matter. Harper and his minions know, it’s their end goal.

Albertans, Canadians, wake the fuck up: we are giving up more than we should through Bill C-51. Harper is telling us violent “jihadis” are the greatest threat to Canada in the history of our nation, but it just isn’t true. He cites a dubious poll saying most people support the bill, so why do we need debate? That same poll, by the way, also mentions most people haven’t heard much about C-51 – but who cares about that.

Harper’s disdain for Canadians who don’t buy his racist fearmongering is absolutely palpable. He is not a leader. He is a coward, afraid to lose his tenuous grasp on power. I don’t know what’s more depressing: the fact that Harper thinks he can use the same playbook as Bush/Cheney to tighten his grip on dissent AND GET AWAY WITH IT; or, that Canadians are too apathetic to do anything about it.

You can sign an NDP petition and send Harper a message. But the best course of action is to educate yourself on exactly what the Conservative government is railroading through Parliament.

(Not An) Unreasonable Man

Here’s an open letter from American political activist Ralph Nader to our fearmongering Prime Minister, the perpetual campaigner and arbiter of the end of the Canadian way of life:

Also worth a read is a 2014 feature in The Walrus about Canada’s increasingly militarized police forces:

To be clear, Harper’s end game with Bill C-51 isn’t to protect Canadian security, it’s to ensure his power remains.