Time to Suck


I rarely ever feel that I was thee one to discover some obscure band. So when a musical source I look to often writes about discovering a band I’ve known about for years, it feels strangely satisfying. Case in point: Suck.

I discovered these South African heavies a few years ago on the indispensable Love, Peace & Poetry compilation, African version. The good folks at Dangerous Minds have posted a little playlist, featuring a couple covers I’ve never heard Suck perform: Season of the Witch and (!!) War Pigs.

It’s Friday, which means it’s Time to Suck!

Via Dangerous Minds

Let’s Play Paternalistic Bingo!

Prairie overlord Prentice is taking to the teevee this evening to reassure all us little people there is no alternative to austerity. We need to protect the ultra-wealthy job creators and foreign nationals who own our resources. WE are the problem, what with our demand for basic services and reliance on the good ol’ flat tax.

These taxpayer-funded fireside chats are nothing new. Premiers past and present talk to Albertans like a frustrated father talks to his children after accidentally breaking a window. It’s extremely paternalistic and, frankly, an insulting way to engage Albertans. Almost as insulting as the online “budget” Albertans were able to fill out so the government can say they “consulted” us. What a joke.

My man Climenhaga has put together a fun little bingo card for you to play along. God this is fucking depressing.

Via Alberta Politics