Fear and Loathing. Well, Mostly Fear…

I just haven’t gotten around to posting a list of all the terrible shit Conservatives have been up to the last couple weeks. Between the fear-mongering, lying and refusal to offer any positive, uplifting vision for our country, there isn’t much to be hopeful about this election.

So here’s a witty little list of All The Things Harper Wants Us To Be Afraid Of.

The next two weeks are going to be a tough slog folks. Stay focused, and please vote on October 19.

Nadya Kwandibens + Red Works Photography

Photo by Nadya Kwandibens

Photo by Nadya Kwandibens

Dorthea Lange, Anne Leibovitz, Anders Petersen — I’m no professional, but for whatever reason I’m drawn to portraiture. A work colleague just turned me onto a talented Ojibwe photographer, Nadya Kwandibens. Her photo company Red Works Photography features a portfolio of colour and black and white (mostly) portraits. Her series, Concrete Indians, is as lonely and empowering as it is inspiring.

Kwandibens’ vision statement:

We, as Indigenous people, are often portrayed in history books as Nations once great; in museums as Nations frozen stoic; in the media as Nations forever troubled. These images can be despairing; however, my goal seeks to steer the positive course. If our history is a shadow, let this moment serve as light. We are musicians, lawyers, doctors, mothers and sons. We are activists, scholars, dreamers, fathers and daughters. Let us claim ourselves now and see that we are, and will always be great, thriving, balanced civilizations capable of carrying ourselves into that bright new day.

The Oppressed Grifter, Canadian edition

Well it appears religious freedom fighter Jesse Rau has parlayed his persecution  into a potential career as a federal politician!

You’ll remember Rau as the aggrieved Calgary city bus driver who was fired because, in short, he feels his right to hate gay people trumps his duties as a city employee. NOW he’s running as a federal candidate for scary bible literalist hate group the Christian Heritage Party.

This man will not win the election, although, one wonders if he’d do more damage than ol Ron “We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Civil Liberties” Liepert.

In the United States, aggrieved and persecuted Christians grift their way to positions of power all the time. Here in Canada, it’s a cottage industry on the precipice of being something much, much more influential.

Jesse, I’ll say it again. Just. Please. Stop. And go back to the 15th fucking century.