“Space Jam 5: The Euro League”

I’m starting to visit The Players’ Tribune more lately — personal stories and essays from professional athletes give sports fans (average joe) like me an interesting glimpse into the thoughts and psyche of millionaire athletes.

Case in point: Raps forward Patrick Patterson’s 1,200 word rant on why there shouldn’t be a Space Jam sequel.

Feeling High: The Psychedelic Sounds of Memphis (1967-69)

Reissued in 2012 off the Big Beat Records label, here are a bunch of nugs from the criminally underrated psych and garage scene of late 60s Memphis.

A lot of songs from this compilation are produced by the legendary Jim Dickinson, as well as Terry Manning (another Memphis legend who worked with Big Star and put out an absolute smoldering solo album, Home Sweet Home).

Via 67psych (YouTube)