Egomaniac Blowhard Has A Thought

Photo courtesy Curtis Comeau.

Photo courtesy Curtis Comeau.

Terry Paranych, egotistical high school bully, has some eloquent thoughts about Alberta’s NDP government. Via his Twitter account (post now deleted), grammar and facts be damned:

Hey Rachel Notley, I am listing Homes at a Record pace because people are losing their jobs. Shame on you and your pathetic NDP Party and Economy Killing Govt. These are Albertans with Families. How Stupid can you be?

When he’s not taking a cut from other people selling homes for him,  Paranych spends his time worshiping at the altar of the greatest living human: himself.

Since Notley and the NDP swept into power, the level of discourse on the cesspool that is social media and local news’ comments section is, at best, sickening. The sexism, misogyny and utter disrespect towards the NDP and other female MLAs isn’t only a tolerated form of dissent, it’s encouraged.

So why is this? Why so much outrage from angry white men, MRA supporters and other sexist freaks? I’d venture it has to do with their level of intelligence. I’ve stopped going near comments’ sections, and whenever I see a clickbait headline with some vitriolic nonsense against elected officials, I turn away.

Does lower intelligence mean you’re a racist, sexist or a conservative? Maybe!

Next time you see some angry, white man post his “thoughts” on social media; the next time Paranych opens his tired old yap on Twitter; the next time someone calls First Nations’ people drunks; the next time someone threatens the life of our Premier; the next, well, you get the idea…

Next time, turn away, pay no mind and remember: these people do not have the intellectual curiosity to respectfully engage in any thoughtful dialogue. In short, they can’t understand.

Ignorant xenophobes have a sad


Oh, this is just great. Maclean’s magazine an image of their latest cover, featuring Amanda Lindhout, Rinelle Harper and every ignorant white person’s terrorist boogeyman, Omar Khadr. The exclusive is about the bond three Canadians have developed after terrible personal tragedies.

Sexless lawyer Ezra Levant is losing his mind; so are Caucasian suburban moms. None of these people can see past their unintelligent, ignorant noses.

Do yourself a favour and read about the history of Omar Khadr. Coerced conviction, Guantanamo prisoner for a decade, child soldier.