Curatorial :: Pagan Altar – Volume 1 (1982)

No matter how much you think you know about music, changes are you don’t really know that much. There will always be an even-more obscure band lurking around the Net, waiting to blow mynds.

On my recent trip to Stockholm, I was introduced to Pagan Altar by my friend Mattis. Their first record Volume 1 appears to have been recorded in 1982 and released shortly thereafter.

Heavy in the 70s production style, but with that soaring snarl and chugging of a group like Pentagram. Heavy duty.

Unquantifiable Joy

There are few things in the world that bring me as much joy as watching Dancing Pizza Guy with this amazing Omar S track playing over top. Follow these simple instructions below for unimaginable satisfaction.

Step 1: Click play, press mute

Step 2: Click play

You’ll thank me later.