Curatorial :: Jackson Browne and friends – Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (1975)

Gloomy Friday morning, perfect for sweet harmonies, rustic acoustics and all those melodies. Even — and I can’t believe I’m saying this — Browne’s take on The Eagles’ ‘Take It Easy’ is makin’ me tap my toes.

Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s another entertaining live set from Browne and friends: Live at Bryn Mawr, PA, 1975

Today in Alberta History :: The True Legends of John Ware


On this day back in 1905, a true Alberta legend passed away in quite ironic fashion. John Ware — an African-American born into slavery — cattle-drove his way up to Alberta, helping to pretty much establish the ranching industry in western Canada.

A master horseman and survivor on the land, Ware and his family settled in the area around present-day Duchess, Alberta. A true cowboy — quietly determined, dedicated to family and honest — Ware was killed when his horse stepped in a badger hole and fatally tossing him from his steed. Word has it that his funeral in the Calgary area was one of the biggest and most-attended to date.

Readworthy: The Manson Family of American Geopolitics


For some time now, I’ve been a regular visitor to the blog of crusty n’er-do-well Charles P. Pierce. He’s a man who speaks with experience, knowledge and, well, disdain for everything wrong (and right) about politics in the ol’ US of A. Today, he completely eviscerates the Win The Morning journo-politico machine at Politico. Or as Pierce regularly refers to it as: Tiger Beat on the Potomac.

Tiger Beat on the Potomac Finally Crosses Over (Esquire)