Curatorial :: PyPy – Pagan Day (2014)

I dug the debut Red Mass record (Psychic Handshake, 2009).  Here in Alberta, the sublimely greased garage rock from elsewhere, especially Montreal, comes, goes and comes back again mostly to people with a fiending ear to the ground. Choyce and crew are now face-melting the sweaty as PyPy. Their new release Pagan Day has an absolute BURNER of a title track. The double-wide version above grinds with menace, cavernity, all-out madness. Fuuuuuuuck yes.

Today in Alberta History: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump


Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, down by Fort MacLeod, officially opened its interpretive centre on this back in 1987.

Before guns and horses, native tribes on the Great Plains used the buffalo jump as their primary source of hunting. A geological weapon that kept tribes and families well-fed for a long time. There used to be some 60 million buffalo roaming around, but now, well, you can see there aren’t many at all.

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