You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out! Well, Yes

Oh the irony, definitely lost on the NFA.

Oh the irony, definitely lost on the NFA.

If you haven’t heard of the NRA-wannabes at Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA), please start paying attention. They have nowhere near the lobbying power as the deranged gun fondlers down south, yet, they succeed in getting their message out every now and again.

Lots of criticism (and of course support) towards the NFA because of a really stupid holiday ad (above); here we see Santa giving a kid an AR-15 with a cheeky reference to A Christmas Story. The best part is the movie they reference: the kid ACTUALLY SHOOTS HIS EYE OUT.

Anyways, be aware what these “responsible” firearms advocates are up to. I’ll leave it up one of their many neanderthal Facebook commentors to sum up where the NFA stands, intellectually. In response to an Australian senator denouncing gun control after some psycho held up a chocolate shop and killed two people:

How sad that 2 people die in Australia and they can recognize theyre defencless, but canada’s soldiers can be murdered in broud daylight and nothing changes in Canada. Makes me pretty ashamed of my government.

I’m going to borrow from a man I do not know, but respect, when I say: this is your democracy, Canada. Cherish it.

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No Principles

Photo from Alberta Diary


A couple things to get out of the way: this secret, back-room deal was being discussed at the same time as Smith assured her donors that the Wildrose would stand up with them. There are also murmurings of a cabinet post for some of these defectors — the stench of quid pro quo reeks throughout the Legislature.

As my man Climenhaga stated, this whole episode boils down to a “character issue”. Smith, a former scab at the Calgary Herald and member of a disastrous iteration of a Calgary board of public education, used fear of vote-splitting that would unravel the conservative stronghold the PCs have molded over the last four-plus decades. In as simple terms as possible: she lied to her party, her constituents and to the media. SHE WILL FIT IN WELL WITH OUR GOVERNING SUPREME OVERLORDS.

I would not be surprised if she was not reelected next time around. However, I would also not be surprised if she just ran in a safer riding. Now that she’s on Team PC, she can do pretty much whatever she wants.

This truly is a sad day for Alberta. At a time when we need a strong official opposition, any questioning of the beloved PC party motives on policy will, sadly, not take place.

“A good day to be an Albertan”…?!?!??!

Photo by Larry Wong, Edmonton Journal

Danielle Smith won’t need her cold shoulder anymore. Photo by Larry Wong, Edmonton Journal

UPDATE: It’s official.

The PC Party is merging with the strongest members of the Wildrose Party, including Danielle Smith and conservative christian lawyer Rob Anderson. I can’t say I’m surprised this will happen. But for Prentice to say that today is a good day to be an Albertan, I’m, well, unsure what he means.

We now have effectively NO official opposition in Alberta. But, how is that any different from the last 43 years? Many of us won’t know the backroom deals, the off-the-record reasoning for this wholesale defection of principle, but I suspect Smith knew her socially conservative rabblerousers would never usurp power from our supreme overlords. The phrase, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” has been made completely moot now.

Albertans, wake the fuck up and start supporting alternatives to the status quo. The lethargy is outweighing the desire for change, and it’s really depressing.

Via CBC Edmonton

B Rich – Out For A Rip THE LOST INTRO!! (2014)

OK, hold onto yer chainsaws brahs…I just stumbled on a new video for the Canadian classic “Out For A Rip” — it’s a LOST intro featuring (I think) Sarah Harmer. Fuckin’ check ‘er out above.

I think it’s safe to say that the entire country collectively lost their shit when this track dropped. “Out For A Rip” will go down as one of the most accurately Canadian things to ever fuckin’ come out of this goodamn northern epic. Ooooooooo fuck ya bud!!