Christie Blatchford: The Only Issue is Consent

UPDATE: While not responding directly to the National Post article referenced below, Owen Pallett, I think, has clearly summarized a very complicated issue:

“BDSM and choke play is a subversion of male violence. To hear that anybody has been abusing the BDSM power relationship for the purpose of engaging in non-consensual violence-against-women is horrifying.”

Classic National Post trolling on display by Christie Blatchford. With the news Ghomeshi has been ceremoniously canned from the CBC, Blatchford admonishes the decision to fire an immensely popular radio host for his alleged non-consensual sexual proclivities.

A summary of this piece of right-wing victim blaming tripe (with a dose of classic CBC-bashing thrown in for good measure):

All of which is to say, I’m not sure I’d consider any of CBC’s “stars” to be genuinely public figures, certainly not in the way that mayors and prime ministers and others are.

Who do you think people respect more Christie: your (former) crack-smoking corrupt pustule mayor or Peter Mansbridge?

The women say they fear Internet retaliation, or that filing a police report would expose their names.

Yet that simply isn’t the case. Any publicity exposing them would not come from the police or the courts. An alleged victim of sex abuse gets a publication ban upon her name merely by asking for one.

Because recent history has proven that women who are victims of sexual abuse are ALWAYS treated fairly and with respect online and in the media.

Seems that the basic gist of Blatchford’s argument is that these women have no reason to fear retribution, and are stupid for not going to the cops and sad for being afraid of retribution. I think this one sentence sums up Blatchford’s passivity on the issue, and inability to think that maybe – maybe – there should be serious discussions about consent and how women are treated by entitled men in the media:

Beyond all that, the tawdriness and transparently low rationale for running the story, the only issue is one of consent.

Consent is the only issue, isn’t it Christie?

First Past the Gross: Forty-Three Years and Counting


In what could be characterized as the least-surprising result imaginable, all four buy-elections last night went in favour of our supreme overlords…the Progressive Conservatives.

I don’t understand this twisted fascination with second, third, tenth chances for the PC party. They gave Albertans every reason to not elect them, yet, well, you see the results. The only solace I can take is that it appears people are still unwilling to move even further to the right and elect a Wildrose government.

Great to see Dr. Bob Turner, the NDP candidate in Edmonton-Whitemud, put in a good showing against Business Man(del). Let begin the unfettered experiment to privatize our health care system as much as possible.

Coney Island Baby

I wasn’t going to post anything today, the one year anniversary since the world lost Lou Reed. However, after watching him perform Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come”, I wanted to commemorate the man. Hearing Lou sing the line, “It’s been too hard livin’/and I’m afraid to die” just breaks my goddamn heart.

Lou Reed was a musical hero because of his genuine swagger and effortless cadence in his iconic sing-talk voice. From now til the end, I’ll continue to get my Kicks every time I listen to Coney Island Baby

Curatorial :: Alice Coltrane – Journey in Satchidananda (1970)

Back at ‘er from a nice weekend in Calgary visiting my pal Adam. Local bars, walking by the Bow, Sloth Records, show at the Palamino. Seems like the only time I’m in Calgary is when we’re playing; nice to have no real schedule for a couple days in Cowtown.

One of my pickups from Sloth: lovely harp and piano from Alice Coltrane. Good Monday morning music.


UPDATE: The good folks, the ones who aren’t afraid of people different than themselves, have stepped up:


Via Reddit



Cold Lake is the town where our beloved fighter planes flew from to go bomb Iraq. Now, some morons, in most predictable rural Alberta fashion, vandalized a local mosque. Leaving aside the graffiti looks like it says, “Canada go home”, is anyone surprised this happened? Sadly, I am not. You can’t have a mosque and an an army fighting the Islamic State in the same place.

I sometimes forget that despite the civic progress of Alberta’s two major cities, venture an hour in any direction and you’ll run into a large number of people who know nothing of the world outside their own forestry trunk roads.

Via CBC Edmonton