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Cold Lake is the town where our beloved fighter planes flew from to go bomb Iraq. Now, some morons, in most predictable rural Alberta fashion, vandalized a local mosque. Leaving aside the graffiti looks like it says, “Canada go home”, is anyone surprised this happened? Sadly, I am not. You can’t have a mosque and an an army fighting the Islamic State in the same place.

I sometimes forget that despite the civic progress of Alberta’s two major cities, venture an hour in any direction and you’ll run into a large number of people who know nothing of the world outside their own forestry trunk roads.

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How They Talk To Us


You’ve likely heard by now a Canadian Forces soldier and the alleged shooter are dead after an early morning attack in Ottawa. The print media coverage of tragedy in this day and age is sickening. The sensation, the opining, reliving the goriness; these are not for the public interest. These are for ad views, click-throughs and revenue. Editors at our major dailies want their raw footage being the raw-est. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some in the media see these tragedies as opportunities to push your hardline xenophobic war-mongering on the public. My thoughts are with everyone affected — especially the Hamilton soldier who was gunned down on watch at the War Memorial.

First-hand editorials and opinions pour in. And while the paranoid, ignorant masses over at Sun TV News turn this debate into blowing up every Muslim on earth, and making sure every Canadian has the right to concealed carry, the rest of the country is waiting and hoping for this horrible situation to end peacefully.

Especially since Harper took control, we’ve walked in lockstep with America as they “spread democracy” around the world: facilitate political coups, train terrorists and sell lots and lots of weapons to all sides in all conflicts.

I think that the more we support America’s confusing foreign policies, the greater likelihood international animosity will be directed squarely at Canadians. In the last week, two Canadian soldiers have died as several of our fighter jets travel to Iraq to support whatever it is America thinks it will accomplish there. But hey, defense contracts must be honoured, power must be retained and the spectre of terrorism must be defeated once and for all. If our leaders think this is the best way to “defeat” terrorism, it’ll never fucking end.

PS: I trust almost no mainstream media in North America, however, Charles P. Pierce seems like one of the good guys.

How To Talk to Terrorists

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As CF-18s leave Cold Lake, Alberta to (fight? destroy? mitigate?) the Islamic State along with our bestest best friend in the whole wide world – America – I encourage everyone to listen to a man who knows what it’s like dealing with terrorist organizations.

Harper pretty much unilaterally decided for the entire the country that the best course of action is do whatever the U.S. tells us to. God, this man has no spine. He’s not even pretending to have Canadians’ best interests at heart. Let’s go to war, appease our deranged Baby Boomer Base, and hope we disenfranchise as many voters as possible. Because we know we don’t have the popular vote and that our policies and decorum are derided by fair, progressive and proud Canadians across the board.